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Wendy Wicks

The Resume Works of Pittsford, and its higher education division, College Coach, have been helping individuals optimize their chances for success in the workplace and in college admissions offices across the country for over 30 years. The Resume Works of Pittsford was founded in 1975 by Wendy Wicks, who  realized that people needed their credentials to be better “packaged” in order to have the greatest  impact in the job search. This was particularly important for career-changers and for others whose backgrounds did not represent perfect career paths, such as at-home moms returning to the workforce and the self-employed seeking external employment for the first time in their lives. The Resume Works of Pittsford is expert at mining each individual’s background, creating the “hook” that will market that individual properly, and creating documents that truly “make the phone ring.” In January 2001, Wicks’ work was recognized by the nation’s Executive Office by being invited to Washington, D.C. to prepare resumes for the outgoing senior staff members of the Clinton and Gore teams. Since that time, she has helped thousands of individuals find new jobs within the Rochester region or successfully relocate to new locales.

Although Wendy is the first to acknowledge that every college, regardless of size or brand can undoubtedly boast a talented faculty and quality resources, she is also a very proud and grateful graduate of Cornell University and knows first hand the decided benefit that a top tier university brings to one’s overall quality of education, the resume, the opening of doors, and the lifelong friends and contacts that this type of education provides. College Coach is proud to help students open these doors.


About College Coach

Similar in philosophy to The Resume Works of Pittsford, College Coach is devoted to helping students win admission to prestigious colleges and universities throughout the U.S. This is accomplished by interviewing clients in-depth, finding what makes each individual unique, and then packaging their credentials in a manner that helps them express who they are and what they bring to the table. Assistance with the creation of a resume (the first step), the essays, and other materials are all part of the process.

College Coach is ideally suited to students who have either excellent grades and so-so board scores, students with average grades but high board scores, and students who have an unusually precocious talent in one specific area. It is this third category, in particular, that often serves to keep these types of students beneath the radar gun of college admissions personnel, because their activities are frequently outside the scope of the traditional extracurricular framework,  are extremely demanding, and keep them from participating in the “normal “school leadership activities in which their friends are engaged. On the other hand, these elite students are typically exceptional in a very great way, have the potential to make a fabulous impact on the college community of their choice and the world at large,  and can offer far more than they are allowed to express in the very limited common application or on-line space allotted to tell their story. It is a story that needs to be communicated in a different way and this is where College Coach excels. In the case of the first two – those who have one key strength in either the GPA or board scores –  the full background and potential needs to be conveyed.  Sometimes there are compelling reasons as to why grades dropped during a certain year or the board scores are not reflective of the student’s true talent. Illness, divorce, a death in the family, a catastrophic event, a move to a new school in the middle of junior year are all valid reasons as to why a student might not have the “perfect” set of credentials for College X. However there might be the ideal fit for a particular elite college or university if the admissions director is asked to look beyond the immediate to see the full potential.

Examples of Colleges and Universities that have accepted College Coach clients


Cornell University
Duke University
Columbia University
Brown University
Stanford University
University of Chicago
University of Rochester
The Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester
The William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester
The Juilliard School
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (Ballet Program)
Boston College
University of Arizona
New York University
Washington University of St. Louis
Gettysburg College
Smith College
University at Buffalo
University at Albany
Binghamton University
State University of New York at Geneseo
State University of New York at Purchase
University of Colorado at Boulder
Vassar College

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College Coach